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International Trade Services

International Trade Services

Dom Network, working in partnership with lawyer Enrico Pennacino, follows process for achieving the status of AEO (C, S, C+S) and support for Dual Use operations, exports to Iran and attribution of origin.

Since 2005, Enrico Pennacino has been providing consultancy and training, both in Italy and internationally, on the subject of customs law and international trade.

DUAL USE Declaration

For shipments classified as “DUAL USE” or that come under specific regulations for exports to Iran, it is necessary to prepare specific documentation.

Products classified as DUAL USE are products that could have both a civil and military use in the country they are imported into.


  1. Verification of company products to make sure they fulfil dual use and/or prior authorisation requirements in the importation country. This activity requires close collaboration with technicians from the company for correct identification of possible product uses.
  2. Assistance in preparing documents required to obtain exportation authorisations and support for relations with MI.SE. This activity requires applications to be submitted to the MI.SE, assistance in preparing accompanying documents (invoices, end user statements, and purchase orders) and coordination with the courier for customs declarations.
  3. Assistance in drafting contracts: it is recommended that the standard sales contract fulfils legal requirements and any commercial impacts for the exportation of dual use products or products subject to prior authorisation requirements for Iran.

AEO – Authorized Economic Operator

AEO certification represents an important possibility to set up a privileged collaboration relationship with customs authorities, speeding up shipping and increasing business competitiveness on international markets.

Authorised Economic Operator

With the new harmonised customs code, Reg. EC no.648/2005, comes the introduction of the trusted economic operator from a customs viewpoint, including 3 types of certification with EU value:

  • AEOC/customs – simplified customs processes;
  • AEOS/security – security of goods;
  • AEOF/C+S – simplified customs processes and security of goods.
What is AEO certification?

AEO certification serves to provide real benefits to businesses, which can demonstrate their own efficiency and operating security through assessment, checks and controls by customs authorities. It comes from the need for increased security guarantees for international circulation and trade of goods, promoting and incentivising professionals to pursue and obtain high standards of reliability.

It also provides the applicant fimr with a specification in the international logistics chain, entering it in the European “White list”, which means greater competitiveness that can be used at international level, since they will be preferred to other partners, considered less reliable.

Benefits of AEO certification
  • It can be used in any EU customs – the applicant firm can clear items through customs throughout Europe, presenting the customs declaration to competent customs offices all over the area.
  • International recognition with the application of the AEO logo to company documents.
  • Complete abolition of checks in case of complete AEO supply line. For example: manufacturer, carrier, customs declarant, recipient.
The customs partner, supporting the operator – Application and Audit

The operator concerned completes, with our help, a self-assessment questionnaire and an application, which will be followed by an information audit in the company.

What is audited?

  • Customs compliance;
  • Solvency;
  • Appropriated Standards for Bookkeeping;
  • Safety and security standards.