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Dicono di Noi

Alessandro Gallus

Managing Partner of GV Stamperie spa

“Serious, skilled professionals. I asked for their support in various internationalisation projects, and their actual presence in each country is what makes the difference”.

Alberto Zerbinato

CEO of ICI Caldaie spa

“Thanks to Dom Network, we received significant funding from the EU programme, HORIZON 2020, to develop our own strategic R&D project for international development purposes”

Fabrizio Mologni

President of the Board of Produtech srl

“Recently, thanks to them, we were able to receive significant funding for the development of an innovative project. In the past, we have implemented various projects for entry into new export markets. And I have always been followed with professionalism and attention.”

Danilo Suardi

Board member and Sales Manager of Celmi srl

“I’ve been working with them for a long time, and I appreciate their professionalism and reliability, as well as an export network that provides us entrepreneurs with a genuine contact and support for these markets”

Gabriele Repossi

Managing Partner of Repossi Macchine Agricole srl

“We have found Dom Network to be an important partner in the development of new export markets. Their contribution to obtaining significant Horizon 2020 funding to support our own innovative project development was essential.”

Marco Nicoli

Member and President of the Board of Directors of TESI

“They were with us when we were trying to make inroads into new markets in EASTERN EUROPE.

We should mention that they have a genuine presence on export markets and that this makes the difference in the increasingly globalised, competitive and demanding markets of today”.