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Dom Network, thanks to technical partnership with Europartner and Inspiralia, follows the European programme Horizon 2020 (R&D funding applications to the European Union).

Over the last few years, our knowhow and working methods have allowed us to achieve extremely positive


This is an integrated finance programme awarded by the European Commission for research purposes.

The programme, which commenced on 1 January 2014, intends to support the EU in its global challenges by providing cutting-edge businesses with the tools that they need to achieve their projects and ideas. The budget set aside for Horizon 2020 until 31 December 2020 is 78.6 billion euros.

From this significant funding amount, some 2.7 billion euros are destined to an SME Instrument (specific tool to finance SME research). Another tool is Fast Track to Innovation.

The SME Instrument includes three stages:

Stage 1: presentation of the project followed by, if the project is accepted, a non-refundable funding grant of 50 thousand euros for the development of the feasibility plan.

Stage 2: focus on the development of the project (from study through to design, prototyping and industrialisation), including a further non-refundable grant of 70%, as a minimum threshold, of the value of the project itself.

Stage 3: concerns commercialisation.

The Fast Track to Innovation is a specific tool to finance innovation projects that are close to being marketed, presented by consortia of at least three businesses (not necessarily SMEs) from at least three different countries, of which at least 60% must be in the industrial sector. This includes a non-refundable grant of 70%, up to 3 million euros.